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Clare Profile Shots0038

Clare Crozier: Executive Assistant

Clare worked at Plato for 5 years before taking some time out on maternity leave. She’s since returned on a part time basis, and we’re thrilled to have her back on the team. Clare loves networking, whether it’s helping clients or getting it done in the office, you can count on her to have things under control. She’s inspired by the development of projects and seeing their transformation from concept to completion.

Brooke Profile Shots 0003 1

Brooke Lord: Web Developer

Brooke is all about balancing the design aesthetic with user experience and functionality. It’s not common to find a designer that develops, or the other way around, so we’re hanging onto Brooke for all she’s worth… and that’s a lot! The fast pace and ever changing nature of the industry means for Brooke, it’s all about learning, keeping up to date and working out how she can incorporate new techniques and ideas into projects. Brooke is inspired by strong typography and clean, modern design.

Amy S Profile Shots 0001 1

Amy Stockley-Smith: Graphic Designer

Creativity came naturally to Amy, and from an early age she’s channelled this passion into a career in design. She takes inspiration from creative works, in particular museum exhibitions, and their ability to present a story to a variety of audiences. Amy is all about teamwork and development, and Plato happened to be the perfect fit. Beautiful design gets Amy excited, and she loves the challenge of bringing a large scale of brands to the market.

News Phil

Phil Shearing: Client Services Lead

Phil is tasked with leading our client services team.

He brings an ability to guide clients through change after some intense years navigating through the 2007-08 recession and the Canterbury earthquakes.

News Dave

Dave Whelan: Digital Strategist

“I get a kick out of the complexity involved in making really simple website solutions.” That’s how Dave rolls.

When he was 20, he opened his own record store, Asylum Records. With e-commerce in its infancy, he went to university to study information systems and management.

He got into web development, then project management before moving up to business operations. And now he’s Plato’s new digital strategist. He says Plato’s focus on its people and culture are what enticed him to join.

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