Email Password

Changing your email password.

You can log in from anywhere to change your password, using the same login area as the webmail.

Simply visit

To log in, first make sure the "System" option is set to "Email Management", then just use your full email address as the username, and then the password you either chose or we supplied you with. Once logged in you will be able to change your password, alter the spam settings and threshold, and even set up auto responders for your account while to let people know when you're out of the office!

As it's probably a lot easier to remember, you should also be able to visit to access the webmail interface. eg.

Please do not adjust the "Authenticated SMTP" setting. If you do, you'll also have to make adjustments to your email checking application in order to check the email box again. The recommended setting for this option is "On". This enables security for your outgoing emails when connecting to the server that sends them.

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