Ahika Kai

An appetising approach

Services: Creative, Website

A digital design solution that plays on the hunter-gatherer approach to food.

‘Food from the home fires’

Ahika Kai is Maori for “food from the home fires”. As traditional hunter-gatherers hailing from the South Island, food production is at the heart of the Ngāi Tahu tribe’s culture and identity. 

Ngāi Tahu Foods needed a website for Ahika Kai that matched their hunter-gatherer philosophy through product traceability.

Trace your food

We created a visually enticing digital space with a mix of traditional and contemporary imagery to conjure up that the romanticised idea of New Zealand with its beautiful landscapes, dramatic coastlines and rich culture.

The website allows users to trace items of food and order them online. It allows them to identify where their food comes from and who produced it. 

From production to dinner table

Through its website, Ahika Kai conveys a strong, interactive message that its products have been fished, hunted, gathered and grown by certified Ngāi Tahu producers and suppliers.

It creates a relationship between consumer and product as it makes them feel part of the journey from production to the dinner table.

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