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The future of dairy farming in New Zealand is a hot topic, and part of this is looking at new ways of staying sustainable now and into the future. 

A tough system for big business

The dairy industry in New Zealand is not only big business; it’s tough business. Price fluctuations, changing regulations and environmental factors play a pivotal role for many farmers. Fortunately Calder Stewart has developed an innovative take on wintering sheds, creating a Dairy Barn System that optimises dairy production.

An educational campaign

With extensive research insights at hand, we created a campaign plan to educate the dairy market on the benefits of a Dairy Barn System.

Calder Stewart has created an approach that blends the right balance of expertise and experience. We leveraged that to bring project management and construction capability to the forefront of the campaign. 

As the sales funnel typically lasts a year, extensive campaign planning ensured multiple touch points would direct initial and renewed interest. 

DBS around the country

Construction has already commenced on a number of Dairy Barn Systems around the country. This campaign is set to continue to build on the awareness and education factors, which are key to driving forward new opportunities and uptake for dairy farmers who want to ensure the future success of their operations.

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