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Services: Website, Creative, Marketing Strategy, Brand Activation

Caythorpe Family Estate came to us as an established but relatively unknown name in winemaking. Communicating the story and history of the family and the land was key in building a recognisable brand, and forging a unique path in a crowded market.

Traditional modernism

Embracing a more modern look and feel, whilst still conveying a sense of history and tradition was identified as a key aspect in telling the Caythorpe story in a way that resonates with the consumer.

We identified the importance of place in making quality wine, and incorporated the shape of the Caythorpe Estate block in the packaging. The bold, red stamp creates instant cut-through and stands out amongst the myriad of labels on the shelf.

By utilising historical photography throughout the branding and website we helped to convey a sense of history and established quality.

capturing the market

It's not rocket science, but it has been found that consumers will give up on purchasing products online if the process is too difficult. Developing a user friendly, mobile responsive website for Caythorpe was essential in capturing the online market and converting interest into sales. 

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