Driving online tax refund applications

Services: Website, Research & Insight, Online Marketing

Driving to apply online

This website was to be the conversion point of a cross channel campaign including TVC, Radio, EDM, PPC and Social Media, driving well over 300,000 users to visit the website. The site needed to be capable of driving users through a multi-step form to complete their application.

Reflecting the brand

Complimenting the need to capture applications, the website also underwent a major redesign to align with the MyTax brand. The resulting site is modern, clean and effectively communicates the core values of the brand.

Refining the customer journey

The success of this website depended on creating a non-disruptive flow through the application process. We took care to refine the entire user experience, overhauling the entire multi-step form application process; new form layouts allowed us to rethink how users are pulled through the process with helpful information without creating barriers to completion.


In an increasingly tough and competitive market, MyTax has become, and continues to maintain, its position as New Zealand’s #1 tax refund company.


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