Dubba Dubba

A taste of home

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As a new player in the growing fast casual dining market, Dubba Dubba wanted a fresh, modern look with a hint of exotic flavor that reflected their natural, healthy handmade product.

Striking a balance

We identified the importance of incorporating just the right amount of Moroccan inspired influence to promote a sense of culture and intrigue, without excluding potential customers or seeming overpriced.

Dubba Dubba create raw, natural food with a well balanced exotic twist, and we wanted to emphasis this within all of the collateral. To give the brand a sense of casual accessibility we used graffiti inspired organic type forms. The use of natural packaging emphasizes the healthy, handmade products. Messaging was developed using the meaning of “dubba dubba” (meaning “now now.”) to give an authentic feel and incorporate other product descriptors into the brand identity. 

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