Izon Science

The devil is always in the detail

Services: Creative, Website

Izon Science designs and manufactures precision instrumentation for nano- and micro-scale particle analysis. The company needed a website that exuded data integrity, data accuracy and data detail.

Slick science

We created a slick digital presence for Izon Science, positioning it as a confident operator at the forefront of nano-science. 

The new Izon website communicates its products and services clearly and lets potential partners know that it’s a global business with success in US, China and Europe.

Leading research partner

Izon is prominent in the market as a leading partner for researchers, who rely on accurate data for funding, credibility and validation. The Izon brand is through its website associated with exceptional quality and trustworthiness.

A long-term strategy targeting secondary audiences such as pharmacies, research institutes and hospitals has also been put in place.

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