Tough Job. No Sweat

Services: Website, Creative, Marketing Strategy, Brand Activation

Mackleys is one of many providers in a crowded transport and logistics market. How do you stand out in that space, while reinforcing the core capabilities of high compliance and quality delivery?

Review and evolve the story

We reviewed and evolved the Mackleys brand story to position the company as a top tier transport company. To convey the notion that the toughest jobs are no sweat for this outfit, we applied a no-nonsense tone.

We sought to embed the idea that Mackleys has the right people, knowledge and capacity to deliver every time. And, that this is smart, agile and transparent logistics provider

Staff as value ambassadors

Internal communication was a secondary but equally vital component of the brand development. To achieve a sense of getting the job right first time, we implemented a strategy of bringing the staff into the conversation about values both in the tearoom and on the road. These guys are the company’s ambassadors. They’re the ones carrying out the tough jobs with a “no sweat” attitude.

Our brand strategy, identity and digital development have placed Mackleys at the forefront of a crowded logistics market.

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