Master Plumbers

Driving awareness of the benefits of using an accredited professional

Services: Brand Activation, Website, Creative, Advertising, Online Marketing

When the toilet malfunctions, many of us reach out to find a plumber.


As a membership trade organisation, Master Plumbers approached Plato Creative with the challenge of boosting the organisation’s relevance and to draw attention to its true value for consumers, along with existing and potential members.

Peace of mind

The “Don’t Risk It” campaign appeals to consumers’ peace of mind. Using a Master Plumber ensures them quality assurance, a job done right and a 12-month guarantee. For both existing and potential members, it also highlights one of the benefits of membership – people are looking for an expert.

National campaign launch

Using extensive outdoor media, consumers are directed to a website at to find a Master Plumber in their area. The website is simple and functional, whilst the humour element of the campaign ensures the message is memorable.

The nationwide campaign has powerful cut-through in letting people know that they can get in touch with their local Master Plumber fast and easy.

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