Master Plumbers

Redefining a membership organisation

Services: Advertising, Online Marketing, Brand Activation, Marketing Strategy, Website, Creative

Connecting with consumers and building a sustainable member future for Master Plumbers. 

Our Challenge

The challenge was to reposition Master Plumbers as a membership organisation that is relevant and valued by both members and consumers.

In digital terms their online presence was struggling to communicate to all audiences. The old website was trying to talk to both consumers and trade alike, resulting in confusion and little active consumer engagement through digital channels.

Our approach

Refreshing the look and feel of the brand was crucial in adding value to the offering.

Clearly separating the landing points for registered plumbers and consumers was identified as a critical way to ensure industry cut through and establish the specific value for both trade and consumers.

The “Don’t Risk It” campaign was launched late in 2015 across online and offline channels and targeted at consumers, to articulate the benefits of engaging a registered Master Plumber.

A separate website was built to focus specifically on trade, to engage existing members and show off value to potential members alike.

The results

Following the launch of ‘Don’t Risk It,’ we noticed an immediate impact and strong engagement through website activity. 

Following the more recent launch of Master Plumbers, positive feedback was received from both the industry and membership base. The new website is much more interactive for members, giving them access to additional resources and information.


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