How do you build a database of ... plumbers?

Services: Website, Creative, Advertising, Online Marketing

When it comes to plumbing supplies, plumbers often resort to either the cheapest provider or the nearest outlet.

In order to increase repeat purchasing, we needed to engage plumbers and entice them to share their contact details. This would enable the creation of a comprehensive database to facilitate re-marketing to them.

Pipe my ride

We designed a three-month promotion featuring a give-away in the form of a van makeover. This involved building an online tool with which plumbers could create a “pimped out” van.

The campaign, dubbed Pipe My Ride, involved designs being shared across key social media channels to amplify awareness of the promotion. We amplified the instant win element with scratch cards in stores.

High data capture

The promotion exceeded expectations with a 25% data capture rate. There was also a considerable increase in Facebook likes to expand brand awareness for Mico Plumbing.

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