Rochdale Cider

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Repositioning Rochdale Cider as a premier brand with a compelling and authentic history.

A cider opportunity

The McCashin family pioneered craft brewing in New Zealand, and is best known for its range of beer. It started when the family bought the Rochdale Cider Factory in 1981. The country’s oldest cidery had been producing the drop combining pure glacial water and the finest crushed apples in NZ.

The brand wasn’t getting the traction and exposure it deserved. A growing cider market presented a huge opportunity for Rochdale to connect with an increasing number of cider appreciators.

Own the market

Employing a close collaborative approach, we looked to be bold and confident. We felt we could own the cider market with a fascinating and authentic brand story. 

This was about connecting with cider lovers and spread the news about Rochdale as a handcrafted small-batch product made in New Zealand’s oldest cidery with no added sulphates, sugar, preservatives or additives.


Rochdale Cider has been repositioned as a classy premium cider brand. It’s no longer a drink for women but something men will drink as well. Across the board, the brand elements – logo, typography and packaging – are telling the captivating story of Rochdale Cider. 

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