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Capturing culture

Services: Marketing Strategy, Website, Brand Activation

Southern Exposure Tours are a true homegrown adventure company. Their bespoke tours around the globe are a completely unique experience, and the way they articulate that to the market needed to incorporate the same flavour.

We identified an opportunity to take the over-saturated market by storm with a strong digital presence, bold branding and a refined way of speaking to their target audience.

A bold new approach

We used bold colours and patterns, inspired by the destinations visited by SET, combined with engaging, descriptive copy.

This combination of graphic and descriptive elements creates cut-through and disruption in the market, helping SET to stand out.

Highly descriptive copy engages readers and transports them to each place, inspiring wanderlust.

next level digital

We set out to review the user journey against the primary goal of lead generation. We found the site had a lot of content, it just wasn't presented as well as it could be and was difficult to find. 

We dove into the analytics to find out how users were finding and interacting with the website; what was performing well and what wasn't.

Comparing the data with our hands on observations we could quickly see that there was a lot of potential to change the way information was being presented on the site, and surface the key information people were looking for.

We saw a great opportunity to build a completely new website using SilverStripe CMS. This allowed us to create a site tailored to delivering a first class experience, designed with lead generation in mind. We focused on mapping out our calls to action and designing a visual hierarchy of information that would create a friendly and intuitive user experience. Users are always just one step away from making contact; reducing the barriers to lead generation. 


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