Te Moenga

A place of beauty

Services: Creative, Website, Brand Activation

Fresh beginnings

Following a change of ownership, Te Moenga Lodge was well positioned to build a refreshed visual identity and reposition their offering amongst the competitive local market.

not another cliche

It was identified that the local market is over saturated with tourism companies who have similar products, and that the visuals and story needed to reflect the local environment, yet not be another tourism cliché. Striking a balance between showcasing the comfort and relaxation factor, the local environment, and bringing a unique aspect within the brand identity was a welcome challenge.

breaking the norm

The resulting identity consists of a word mark and icon. A mild art deco flavor has been incorporated to provide a unique touch to the classic mountain range logo. A simple approach favours a modern feel, and the use of metallic ink throughout the branding breaks the norm in the predictable tourism market.

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