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Advertising trends making an impact in 2019

2018 was a big year for advertising, and now that we're halfway through 2019 we’ve been able to discover a number of trends that are continuing to shape our industry. From attitudes towards video, content and integration to audiences’ interactions with advertisements and opportunities available now, here’s a look at what we can expect in the second half of the year.

Content remains king, but only when it’s done right

‘Content’ is anything that you use to help inform people of your product or the market that you operate in. And when it’s done right, it works because people are exposed to your brand and they get something in return. Whether that’s in the form of entertainment or information relevant their journey as a customer, providing your audience with something that has real value to their lives only works to create and reinforce a positive connection to your brand.

But what good is it if no one is looking at it?

Combined with the right strategy, getting content in front of the right people is something on the minds of an increasing number of advertisers and marketers – especially as more users become fed up with Facebook’s continuing data and privacy scandals.

One trend emerging on social right now, is a shift in ad spend from Facebook to Instagram (which, ironically, is owned by Facebook). As a platform that lends itself to high-quality pictures, video and a stories feature, brands are able to provide campaigns as often as every 24 hours to engaged audiences. And by combining a much younger demographic of increasingly conscious consumers with Facebook’s ability to segment and highlight key audiences, you can expect to see more brands more active on Instagram in the coming months.

Finally, expect integration

Many businesses used to think that in order to capture an audience they needed three print ads in the same publication, a TV commercial and maybe a radio ad or a billboard to create a campaign. But now that everyone has a mobile phone, connection to the worldwide web and a number of their own social networks, for brands to cut-through and get their messages across they need to think about integrated digital.

When integrated campaigns work, you’re able to leverage your content across the platform it’s best suited to. You can imagine a customer that comes across your brand on Instagram with a few seconds of high-quality video and a link that takes them to a webpage – now they’re on your website. From here you can provide detailed information or offer them even more content in exchange for signing up to your mailing list. Before long you’ve got someone who’s engaged with your content, visited your website and now they’re in your database where you can remarket content that will provide value, reinforcing that positive connection.


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Published: 11 Jun 2019