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And the award goes to

And the award goes to

Several of our clients were recently nominated for the 2016 New Zealand Innovation Awards. Congratulations on nominations to AuCom, ARANZ Medical and ARANZ Geo, who will vie for their individual awards come October in Auckland. As innovators in separate industries, it seems appropriate that there is a celebration of new ideas and success of such endeavours.

When it comes to advertising awards

That got our team thinking about the whole idea of awards in our broad stroke 'industry', which is often a point of water cooler chat. There are two schools of thought that genuinely come up when it comes to advertising awards, those who love them and those who don't. There's no doubt that people love to receive recognition for a job well done. Where it becomes more challenging is when you're judging creative based on the fact that it's a subjective thing. Notoriously hard to measure in hard numbers, when does a good idea become great? When does the rubber hit the road of award winning, versus also ran? There are awards out there that focus on effectiveness, and potentially they're a better yardstick, as they focus on the harder data. Ultimately though, the work has to be about delivering on a client challenge, and ensuring that the creative connects with the intended customer. Sounds simple enough!

Finally, we wish the best of luck to AuCom, ARANZ Medical and ARANZ Geo for their respective nominations. We'll be hoping they all have a shot at bringing home some silverware come awards night.

Published: 12 Sep 2016