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AuCom launches at Hannover Messe


With the full mix of brand identity, internal and external corporate communications and product videos, AuCom takes the first step in positioning themselves as true global players. The creative was led by Toby and Steve and supported through to delivery by Amy S, James, Victoria and Rebecca.

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Impact that works

The first impressions from AuCom's customers are overwhelmingly positive. In fact, I've just spoken to a client of theirs from Portugal who says that this was a very strong step forward for the brand. There is a nice buzz coming through in terms of feedback for the clean and sharp design, with clear and strong communications that surround the brand.

AuCom presents the first major product launch in several years, with the new EMX4 soft starter a key part of the new positioning. A world first in terms of new technology for this market, the brand reflects the future-focused product range that AuCom is delivering to market.

Published: 26 Apr 2016