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Big brands with even bigger ideas


With 26 pavilions full of every type of industrial system, application, gizmo, gadget, machine and the like that you've ever imagined it's easy to get overwhelmed. I never considered that there are places where a technical expert, a sales guy and a kid can all learn and enjoy the spectacle in equal measure.

My technical knowledge was challenged by 99% of the displays I saw. The spectrum of industry technology (which we're now fashionably calling industry 4.0), or more pointedly the '4th industrial revolution' was epic. I spent four days' wandering through the show and didn't complete anywhere near half of the technology on show. It was impressive.

The kiwi angle

Joining AuCom, a New Zealand business for the show, I had the pleasure to learn more about the world of low and medium voltage soft starter solutions. Formed in 1978 in Christchurch, they are now a major international supplier of their unique soft start technology. More than a producer of great quality kit, they are also investing time, effort and energy into their internal and external brand. This is where Plato is helping, and it's been great to see much of this work come to life in an impressive way on the international stage. The feedback from their customers has been strong. It's good to know that the creative can get across borders and still be true to the original intent.

But there's one more thing I've learnt beyond the varying degrees of medium voltage applications. I've had the pleasure to be welcomed along for the ride by a team of dedicated, friendly and fun AuCom people. The team has a real sense of camaraderie and they simply love what they do.

Published: 17 May 2016