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Emerging Facebook Tools

What sets Facebook apart as such a great platform for marketing is the sheer volume of user data and insight they have access to.

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, Facebook’s abundance of data allows brands to do such highly targeted marketing and advertising based on demographic and sociographic information. You can create very specific messaging for exactly who you want to talk to. No other platform offers this.

Improving on this, in the US, Facebook have recently introduced ‘household targeting’. With so much data this is a logical next step, allowing marketers to now also target other influencers within a group/family/household. Facebook forms household groups by looking at declared relationships, check-ins and where the accounts are being accessed from. Household targeting has the potential to be very successful around Christmas time when gift buying is common. Because Facebook knows what members of the household have been engaging with, they can target specific gift-related messaging at the other members.

Another new tool just being launched is the ability to have dynamic ads on Facebook. Videos prove to be more engaging when up against static images so this emerging tool will help give marketers another edge.

For our day-to-day clients we utilise all the standard social media tools such as writing posts and creating ads. But as Facebook is still relatively new and because it’s digital, it’s always changing and improving, offering an ever-changing and ever-growing number of ways brands can get innovative and creative.

The annual Facebook Award winners were recently announced and this year’s line-up showed some great examples of brands doing cool things with social. One of our favourites was the ‘Qantas Out Of Office Travelogue’ which used holiday photos posted on social media to populate the travellers work out of office email.

Check out some of the other winners and if you’re inspired to do something a bit different, we’d love to help make it happen.

Published: 6 Jul 2017