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Our new home

It's good to be home

It's been a long journey with several moves during the past few years. But as of July 1, we're now in our purpose-built creative space right in the heart of Christchurch's innovation precinct.

In design and construction development for some 18 months, our new workspace offers both our people and our clients something that's quite an evolution from a typical office space.

Managing Partner John Plato said, "We did a lot of research on creative spaces internationally and the finished product is very different to what you would see anywhere else in New Zealand."

It features a theatreroom with stadium seating for creative presentations, break-out spaces and ample meeting room space where we encourage clients to come in and share the experience.

An attractive place to work

Attracting and retaining talent was one of the key drivers for the development of the space.

"Our goal was to create an innovative and unique environment that reinforced our strong staff culture by making it an exciting place to work." Early signs point towards this being a move that will be defining for the business, its people and the client experience side of things.

"This is our home for good, and it feels great to be here," Plato said.

Check out the video for the first impressions from our people as they walked through the doors for the first time.

Published: 1 Jul 2016