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Plato's 5th Annual Awards Night

To celebrate the big wins and put the spotlight on the individuals who raised the bar over the last 12 months, we recently held our fifth annual awards night at Not Without You. Hosted by John and Lisa Plato, this year we introduced a number of awards to celebrate great work for our clients alongside our top performance, rising star and supreme award categories.

Work that was simply great
This year, we introduced three new awards to celebrate client teams that had some huge wins over the last 12 months. Everyone across both offices voted for their favourite ideas and strategies, executions of projects and work that delivered exceptional results for clients. The prizes went to the teams that worked on each client and were awarded as follows.

Great Ideas: Kiwi Spirit Distillery and Renovate It
It was a pleasure to work with the team at Kiwi Spirits Distillery, and the creative packaging and brand work we’ve done together has lifted the bar again. From a strategy perspective, the team working on Renovate It hit the nail on the head, separating the consumer and commercial arms of Switched On Group into a fully customisable home renovation tool that anyone can use from the comfort of their own home.

Great Performances: OMC Power Equipment and Russells Curtains & Blinds
These two winners were standouts, and the way these businesses have grown in the last 12 months are a credit everyone involved. The partnership we have with Russells has lifted the number of leads they generate to where they now expect more in one quarter than they used to in one year. And for OMC, this locally-owned family business has gotten behind our Inbound approach to marketing their product and the results speak for themselves.


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Great Deliveries: Canterbury Museum and EntX Brand Launch
To win this award, the execution of a project had to be spot on. And for both of these projects, you couldn’t say it any better. The Canterbury Museum microsite took a physical exhibition and restyled it to live online forever, and the team that built and presented the brand around Christchurch’s new home of entertainment deserve to be proud of themselves.

Supreme Winner
This is the one everyone was waiting for, and with 50% of the vote coming from peers and the other 50% based on the input of directors, the Supreme Award winner is an honest reflection of the year’s stand out individual. This year’s deserved winner was Ryan Carter from our Timaru office, whose work across the board as a creative gained nothing but positive results over the last 12 months. His prize includes a paid overseas holiday alongside the congratulations of his colleagues – who just about all voted for him as well.

Other winners
Supreme Award Runners-up: Amy Douglas (Art Director) and Will Dawber (Senior Developer)
Rising Star Awards: Matea Drzanic (Digital Marketer) and Allie McLean (Client Manager)
Performance Awards: Kate Cox (Media Producer), Tim O’Neill (Art Director), Rachel Kennedy (Digital Marketing Co-ordinator) and James Mumby-Croft (Art Director)

A big thanks goes to John and Lisa, whose passion for making the year that was and the night we celebrated a great experience for everyone involved. Here’s to another year of success.




Published: 8 Jul 2019