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So, what is UX?

Recently Brooke, one of our Senior Digital Designers, attended a UX workshop at BizDojo hosted by Matt Gould from UX Gym. Having provided strategy and design services to startups and international corporations alike, his one-day course was packed full of information and insight into how we can be of better service to our clients. 


UX, or user experience, refers to the emotional experience a person has while using a product or service. In New Zealand and Australia, it’s more specific to digital channels (web, social media etc.) and it’s not to be confused with customer experience, which is the experience across all channels, including interactions in real life (eg. purchasing instore).

Proper UX design isn’t about controlling a user’s experience, rather it lets you influence it. In web especially, this is more than just a designer’s responsibility to make a website look good, it’s also a combination of developing the right overall site architecture (putting information in the order most relevant to how it’s needed and being consumed), content (ensuring each page delivers what a user needs and wants from it) and implementing it all correctly.

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In most cases, design principles in web come from tried and true industry practice. While this can get results, by shifting to a UX driven approach businesses can expect a product or service being presented to customers with their wants and needs as the primary focus. Creating the right emotional experience is important to today’s customers because they’re more likely to align themselves with brands and products they trust.

The UX-centred design comes from direct exposure at the start of the design process, with testing along the way to inform the overall outcome. By testing and iterating, our clients can be more confident in making their websites live because we can present research and results that backs up how we expect their customers will feel about what they’re interacting with. 


Right from the start! Testing and refining the experience are essential when you’re looking for a strong outcome for your business, and we have the tools to implement plans based on sound data. We’re able to look at what you’re doing and recommend changes accordingly. So if you’re looking to confirm your confidence in a product before taking it to market, or would like to see how you stack up against your competitors, feel free to get in touch.

Published: 20 Nov 2018