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Success for ARANZ Medical

Silhouette is an advanced wound care technology, allowing highly accurate assessment and documentation of wounds. We identified a number of advantages of using this technology, but the challenge was to express these to the target market, a varied mix of healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical buyers and chief executives of private hospitals. We developed a contemporary approach to branding, and struck a balance between highlighting the rational and emotional advantages.


In a highly technical category information overload is inevitable. We developed simple, clear, solution focused messaging to create cut through with the audience. Hero imagery of the product, using the silhouette effect, breaks the traditional category style, and puts the product at the centre of the experience.

News just in from ARANZ confirms that the approach worked, ""the simple, clear design and messaging certainly made us stand out amongst our competitors at times we were so busy that we were somewhat overwhelmed by our customers"" said ARANZ Medical Strategic Product Manager, Russell Watson.

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Published: 29 Apr 2016