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We're now SilverStripe Professional Partners

In order to become a professional partner an agency must demonstrate an expertise in the SilverStripe Framework and have a proven track record of producing high quality websites. Plato Creative tick those boxes (and then some) and SilverStripe agreed, giving us their seal of approval and partnership.

The team think of this partnership as merely a formality, but are proud nonetheless. As early adopters of the CMS (that stands for ""Content Management System""), we've been building websites on SilverStripe for over 6 years. The platform has evolved rapidly to become a local market leader in businesses preference of CMS, and we've been building some creative and complex websites around it.

SilverStripe partner

What's SilverStripe?

If you've ever had a website that you can self-manage content for, you have likely used a 'Content Management System' (or CMS) before. A CMS acts as an interface between you and your website, allowing you to make content updates instantly.

SilverStripe is a CMS that was created by a Wellington based company of the same name and has since turned 'open-source'. The current version 3.2 boasts some impressive features, not least is the truly intuitive interface that makes managing your website a breeze.

The reasons we've continued to use Silverstripe come down to the flexibility and scalability of the platform. On the SilverStripe CMS we are able to build websites without limits, developed around our client's business needs rather than being shoehorned into a singular, fixed approach.

We feel it's important that your business works with certified professionals to avoid costly mistakes and rework

What this partnership means for our clients

Just like any piece of technology, SilverStripe is only as good as the developer's ability to configure the CMS to your website requirements. Through this partnership our customers can be assured that:

Our SilverStripe expertise is legit

Our recent work has been quality assured by SilverStripe to ensure that it is up to a high standard. You have peace of mind that the code 'under the hood' of your website is fit for purpose. We feel it's important that your business works with certified professionals to avoid costly mistakes and rework.

Access to SilverStripe for direct consulting services

Should your website be particularly complex in requirements, we have an opportunity to bring in SilverStripe consultants to help plan out the development of your website or review development work against the latest industry standards. While our in-house developers are at the top of their game, this extra level of support will give you peace of mind.

If your interested in finding out more about SilverStripe and whether it's a good fit for you're business, drop us a line.

Published: 2 May 2016