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What's in a website visit?

Connect online behaviour to business outcomes

What businesses need are website traffic insights, which connect digital activity to business outcomes. Such insights allow you to move closer to customer behaviour that will help your business grow.

Whether your goal is to boost product purchases online or increase online enquiries, true insights can be the difference between success and failure.

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Do you want website visits or sales?

Let's think about website visits for a second. It's a great feeling when you report a 20% increase in website visits, but what does it matter if the amount of products sold has declined? Which would you rather have rising visitor numbers or sales growth? Obviously, you'd like to have both. If you had to choose one, the answer is easy.

Online insights that make a difference to your bottom line are distilled from complex information extracted from deeper within website traffic visits. It starts with looking for common trends, which can take months to form. The insights range from data about the types of devices people use to access your website, through to discovering the sorts of external sites are pushing users to your site.

How we unlock insights

Digital insights take time to discover. That's why, at Plato Creative, we start by understanding the customer behaviour you desire. Then we analyse your website's traffic to identify trends and build a profile of user behaviour. This informs us what is and isn't working. Finally, we form insights designed to trigger growth in the desired customer behaviour.

In the end, we aim to help businesses turn figures into insights and use them to improve their digital presence.

High-value web insights

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Conversion rate on keywords

Half of your 10 keywords are leading to user registrations on your website.The other half is not. It's time to reconsider which words to include in your pay-per-click campaign.

External traffic sources

About 10% of users are coming to your site from a sister organisation's website. Let's seek out more businesses that could be interested in a referral link partnership.

Task completion rate

The task completion rate in your online shop is down 6% this month.  Each percentage drop represents a $20,000 loss in revenue. What's causing that? It could be a slow response time at the purchase completion page. Let's fix it.

Published: 13 Apr 2016