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Why Craft CMS? How we're building better websites

An essential tool to building effective websites, the right content management system (CMS) streamlines the development process, allows for updates to be done with ease, and (most importantly) it puts the focus on the content that lives on the site. 

You may be familiar with systems such as WordPress or SilverStripe, but recently we’ve chosen to partner with Craft CMS to build better websites for our clients. There are a number of reasons for this, but ultimately it came down to its flexibility, security and the community of developers who provide expert support when required.

So, what makes Craft so good?

 1. It’s great for designers – Craft is a ‘content first’ CMS, which means designers have far more freedom from a layout/design perspective. It lets them focus on how your site should perform – not just on how it can perform within fixed templates or styles. 

2. The best of open source and commercial – Craft is a premium product built on an open source foundation. This means that while licensing fees apply, support is provided by a global network of developers who are always working to improve it. For us, it means we can provide secure sites that are always up to date with the latest innovations.

3. Fewer plugins – Craft comes with plenty of capabilities straight out of the box, allowing us to build content interfaces catered exactly to the way your site needs to perform. This is something we used to achieve with plugins that were often costly and didn’t come with the same level of support, and it lets us scale any website to the size of your business – even supporting ecommerce.

4. Live Preview – Craft’s user interface (UI) makes content updates for our clients a breeze. It lets content managers (i.e. our clients) upload content once the site is live easily. Changes can be seen in real-time directly from the control panel, and entries can be saved as drafts or published instantly. 

Craft CMS websites are becoming more popular globally, and we’ve chosen to partner with them because we’ve seen the difference it makes to not just our process, but to the results we can offer our clients. Currently, we’re their only partners in New Zealand but we expect this to change.

If you have any questions about your website’s quality, security or you’d like to know more about what a Craft site could provide your customers feel free to get in touch

In the meantime, take a look at these awesome sites we've recently built:


Canterbury Museum: Antarctic Dogs microsite – Off the back of the successful WWI microsite, Lives Lost, Lives Changed, our continued partnership with Canterbury Museum has allowed us to build another permanent home for this temporary exhibition. By building this site using Craft CMS, museum staff have been able to easily insert all the images and add all the content themselves.

Bargain BlindsLooking to increase their presence online with a revamped brand, Bargain Blinds needed a new website to provide practical renovators everything they need to order and install custom-made blinds. Craft CMS simplified the process of adding customisable products, integrating their social feed onto the homepage and made it easy to let customers know if they've left their cart unattended.

Gregg BuildersGregg Builders are specialists when it comes to high-spec builds. And using the new brand we created for them, we were able to build a simple, yet elegant portfolio site that they can add content to with ease. 

Published: 23 Jun 2019