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Why social matters

So why does social matter for businesses or brands and why is it important for them to have a social presence?

Build brand loyalty and advocacy over time

We all know about the concept of 'word-of-mouth,' and social sharing and advocacy is essentially the same thing. If you create kick-ass content then people are naturally going to want to interact with it, talk about it and ultimately share it - making them advocates for your brand. People are also much more likely to buy or do business with a brand that they have established a connection with and can trust.


Having a social presence means you are able to thrust your brand in front of the masses who use social media on a daily basis, keeping your business at the front of their minds. Social media is a place of discovery where people learn about brands and their products/services. Judging by the numbers, chances are it's where your customers or potential customers are!


Utilising social media channels provides an opportunity to reach out and converse directly with your target audience. This type of dialogue between brands and customers is unique to social - it's not something you get with traditional advertising, and let's be honest, it's a huge bonus. It involves participating in conversations either within your own social profile or within the wider social community. You can do this by joining an existing conversation about a topic that relates to your business or by using #hashtags. These types of conversations help raise brand awareness and give you a chance to develop your brand's personality.


Gain insights, learn more about your social audience and use this data to help drive future business decisions. Each social platform has it's own tool for gaining data about it's social audience, so you can discover what type of content resonates best with your audience. It's a good opportunity to test whether particular demographics are interested in a certain topic or product. Not to mention the data about customer experiences, such as feedback and opinions that you can gain from just looking through comments, replies or conversations.


These days, people don't just go to Google to search for what they are looking for; they also to turn social media channels. These platforms are essentially becoming search engines in their own right - a powerful tool which is waiting to be harnessed. If your brand doesn't have a presence then you obviously won't be found!


The above reaches even further, with the ability to create targeted advertising campaigns that are specific to your target audience using demographic data such as age, gender, location and even things like relationship status, education etc. Having the power to be specific with targeting increases relevance and can result in quality leads. These ads can direct people to your website as well, helping to drive traffic to your biggest online marketing tool.

These are only handful of reasons about why social matters, as these channels continue to develop and new features are added the list will keep on growing. With this being said, don't just go away and start posting, tweeting, pinning, "snapping", sharing - it's important to identify which social networks are the best fit for your business or brand, as you don't need to have a presence everywhere. From there, it is all about putting together a strategy and content plan in order to get the most out of them.

Published: 28 Jun 2016