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Why video works

If a picture tells a thousand words, how much can the right video communicate? We’re exposed to a lot of video content and advertising every day, but what makes it effective? Good video works wonders for a number of brands by connecting them to their audiences through storytelling and proper placement. And although there’s no rulebook or formula to producing successful video content, there are a few key areas we pay attention to when it comes to creating it for our clients.

But firstly, why is video so important?

It’s how we consume news and entertainment

Especially with the number of devices people carry and the amount of time they spend looking at them daily. Video content keeps viewers far more engaged than long-form articles or audio because it’s an immersive experience that demands the full attention of their eyes and ears simultaneously; getting them as close to the real thing without requiring a VR headset.

But this presents more questions than answers. Because with the amount of content uploaded to Netflix, YouTube and Instagram continuing to increase, how can anyone stand out?

Always go for quality over quantity

Some brands get caught up in trying to communicate as much about their product to as many people as possible, without thinking about a logical story or journey to purchase. When you’re trying to build a brand that resonates with your core audience, it’s essential to figure out exactly what you want to say with each video so it can be valuable to them.

The creative approach is important whether it’s point-of-view filming, 360 experiences or simply well shot products. And paired with the fact we’re all exposed to so much content on a daily basis, your audience is likely adept at recognising poor quality video and will be more likely to skip, scroll past or switch off altogether.

Think about your audience from the start

Knowing who your customer is makes a huge difference in marketing your product or service. But knowing where they’ll interact with your content is essential. Knowing why they will engage with your video and what you want them to feel afterwards is essential. And being able to cut through the ‘noise’ with clear, emotive messaging can make all the difference between watching more or scrolling away.

Let’s make it happen together

Here at Plato, we can help you produce and then use video to achieve a diverse range of outcomes; from TV commercials to brand and social content, instructional or explainer videos and even 3D animation. Our in-house teams can help craft the story you want to tell, produce the content and then put it in front of the people who need to see it. 

For more information, check out our video services page or feel free to get in touch today. 



Published: 1 Jun 2019