International cut through.

ARANZ Medical

Bringing Silhouette out of the shadows

ARANZ Medical is a provider of an electronic wound assessment system called Silhouette, which combines hardware and software to provide clinicians and managers in healthcare and clinical research an easy wound assessment solution, 3D measurement and documentation.

With greatly intensified competition in the wound care market, ARANZ Medical came to us to refine their brand including their messaging around key unique selling points, brand and their market positioning, before showcasing Silhouette at two high profile medical conferences in Germany and the USA.

Our mission was to give ARANZ and Silhouette cut-through at these massive events by creating a set of primary messages that clearly talk to their key markets of nurses, medical practice managers and clinical researchers. With a reputation for innovation and trustworthiness we led with the parent brand, ARANZ Medical, followed by the product brand, Silhouette.

We adopted a less is more approach to give them more chance of being noticed in these very busy, very technical settings. From there, we designed their conference stands and created marketing materials to hand out, including booklets designed specifically to speak to their different target audiences.

Prior to the conference, a campaign specific landing website was created and an eDM sent out to create brand awareness before the event and also funnel enquiry afterwards.

Our relationship with ARANZ Medical is ongoing and we enjoy regularly collaborating with their own marketing team to push the business forward.

Services Used

  • Corporate communications
  • Illustration