Possibly the best online blind store in NZ.

Keen to be the best

We built a streamlined, easy to use e-commerce website for Bargain Blinds, an online blind store. The New Zealand market is packed with online blind sellers so Bargain Blinds entered the game very ambitious and keen to be the best.

Despite having the word ‘bargain’ in their name and their offering being very cost effective, the brand we designed prior to developing the website doesn’t look or feel cheap. It feels warm and friendly, something that is portrayed in the design and content on the website.


User Experience is Key

They key objective of this project was to create a user experience that is an easy, streamlined process. It needed to be faster and easier than anything else out there so we began by investing time in researching and reviewing competitor offerings to find out what worked and what did not.

As this is a 100% online service we didn’t want customers to have to ask any questions. From our research of competitor sites, we have been able to pre-empt any and all customer enquiries and build the solution into the ordering process. This website is the store and customer service rep all in one.


Keeping the customer informed

The ordering process guides users through step by step. We’ve designed and included a comprehensive yet easy to follow measurement guide to ensure customers get the right fit, as well as an installation guide. While these are not unique features to Bargain Blinds, we know from our research that they are better, including visuals and jargon-free content that is easy to understand.

During the ordering process users see a live price update. This means they are kept fully informed of how much their blinds will cost as they input their measurements and hardware choices.



What makes Bargain Blinds unique is that they are a fully customised, New Zealand made product. This is one of the key messages it was imperative people were made aware of. Along with free samples and free delivery, these three key points are highlighted by being featured at the very top of the homepage and further down as users scroll.


People love bargain blinds

Bargain Blinds get a lot of great feedback from their customers via social media, not only about the excellent product but about how easy people found the website to use.


Services Used

  • Websites