Making the complex simple.

Understanding client & audience

Calder Stewart are well known construction experts with a long history in the industry and a range of capabilities that span far and wide.

As part of a larger brand refresh, we also looked at how to produce a website that visually and intuitively told the Calder Stewart story as simply as possible and clearly talked to the benefits of working with Calder Stewart.

Our challenge was to portray a complex business as simply and cohesively as possible, communicating Calder Stewart’s capabilities and services across a range of key industries and audiences, spanning from c-level executives of enterprise businesses looking for proof of credibility and capability to deliver, through to small-to-medium business owners looking for a building development partner.

A collaborative process

With so much to tell, knowing what information was most important came down to a fairly well-tuned understanding of Calder Stewart. We started off by working with key client stakeholders to identify our target audiences, their motivations and insights into how they would get value from the website.

A tidy new look

We refined the site architecture down to an intuitive ‘who we are’ and ‘what we do’ format. To refrain from using an internal organisational structure as the site's navigation, we explored different ways and landed on this simple approach.

Visually, we focused on a clean look to match the new brand look and feel. The website features striking imagery and other effective content to create an intuitive user experience that allows the story of Calder Stewart to shine.

Ensuring the content was right played a huge role in this website. We spent a lot of time studying and understanding how Calder Stewart’s sales journey worked in order to preempt what questions end users will have, and crafting content specifically structured to answer their questions.

Built for the future

The new Calder Stewart website has met the brief in every way - it is a clean, clear website that is customer focused in every detail.

It is a scalable website that provides for ongoing evolution and improvement over being stuck 'in the now' and aging quickly. This website is supported with a plan of ongoing improvements based on real user insights. All those assumptions and findings during the project continue to be tested and refined based on real outcomes.

In a business context, Calder Stewart now has two key things. For many, a first contact with the Calder Stewart brand that is professional, modern and represents the brand well. For others, a website that reinforces the credibility and capability of the company as an industry leader.

Services Used

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