Soft selling in a tough industry.

Addressing a complex customer journey

Calder Stewart is arguably one of NZ’s longest established construction companies. Well-known in the rural sector already, they needed a website to showcase their innovative take on wintering sheds, their Dairy Barn Systems.


The main challenge for this website is the complex and drawn out customer journey. It would have been easy to create a website that simply explains their services and tells the benefits of a Dairy Barn System; instead, we’ve designed and developed a site that takes the customer journey into consideration and helps push them along.

What’s the use of a solution if you aren’t aware of the problem?

Our target market of farmers or farm managers usually budget/forecast at least 12 months out so we knew that education would be key to the success of this client. With great research and insights at hand, we were able to put a lot of thought into the customer journey and path to purchase.


We realised that our target audience may not even be aware they have a problem, so selling them a solution straight up was not the right way to go. So rather than building a website that concentrated on this, we’ve created a useful resources centre that is all about better dairying. The content addresses the challenges a dairy farmer faces, and offers a Dairy Barn System as one of the possible solutions to this.


This content is designed to take potential customers along the path to purchase by helping them identify a problem then guide them to the stage of considering Dairy Barn Systems as an option to solve it.

Services Used

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