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Calder Stewart Dairy Barn Systems

Tough sheds for a tough industry

NZ’s dairy industry is not only big business, it’s tough business. Calder Stewart’s innovative take on wintering sheds - their Dairy Barn Systems - help optimise dairy production.


With extensive research insights at hand, we created a campaign plan to educate the dairy farming market on the benefits of a Dairy Barn System from Calder Stewart, while also bringing to the forefront the project management, construction capabilities and expertise and experience of Calder Stewart.


A carefully researched content plan plays a key role on the website. A Dairy Barn System is a great solution to better dairying, but what’s the use of a solution if farmers aren’t aware they have a problem? We’ve created a resource/knowledge centre full of content based around better dairying that addresses the challenges a dairy farmer faces, and offers a Dairy Barn System as one of the possible solutions to this. This content is designed to take potential customers along the path to purchase by helping them identify a problem then guide them to the stage of considering Dairy Barn Systems as an option to solve it.


As the sales funnel typically lasts a year, extensive campaign planning ensured multiple touch points would direct initial and renewed interest.


Construction has already commenced on a number of Dairy Barn Systems around the country. This campaign is set to continue to build on the awareness and education factors that are key to driving new opportunities and uptake.

Services Used

  • Advertising
  • Radio
  • TVC & video