Tales from the pack.

Canterbury Museum Antarctic Dogs


Since the successful launch of the Lives Lost, Lives Changed microsite for Canterbury Museum, providing a permanent home for temporary exhibitions has been straightforward for everyone involved. So, when the Dogs in Antarctica: Tales from the Pack exhibition came to a close, basing the layout of this site off the original was made for a simple process.

Aside from the side-scrolling transitions and animations on each page, one feature that engages viewers and offers a deeper insight into the icy continent is the dynamic tool tip. By hovering over certain links, they provide another layer of information without taking users from the page they’re on. 


One thing that content management systems generally lack in is the content entry interface for end users. But by building this site using Craft CMS, museum staff have been able to insert all the images and add all the content themselves with ease. Live previews of every page are a huge advantage here, and it meant that Canterbury Museum staff were able to curate this site with the same care that went into the original exhibition.

Services Used

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