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User experiences

The look and feel of the new website was purposefully designed and developed with two audiences in mind - the current school community (including staff and alumni) and prospective parents and students. The main aim was to make it as easy as possible for users to find essential information about Christ’s College. But what that information would be was distinctly different for those two separate groups.

Key facts, upfront

As the main point of entry, the homepage is where the story begins and had to work the hardest. Much consideration was given to where each piece of content on the homepage needed to be and covered the essentials such as the school calendar, upcoming events and key dates, enrollment info, news and useful information/links to the most commonly accessed pages.


Taking it online

We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a partnership with Christ’s College for some time in the offline world, so it was great to be given the opportunity to take that relationship to the online world and rebuild their website.

This project was no small job and required a number of design and technical considerations. Besides content, the functionality and features required is what made up the scale and complexity of this website.

Features, functionality & flex

With so much content (which needs to change regularly), creating flexibility was key so modular sections were used. With over a dozen different types of page included, this is no cookie cutter, template-based website project.

We incorporated advanced functionality around the school calendar. As it is a Google calendar that is embedded on the site, it is simple for visitors to use and integrate with their own calendar so they never miss a thing.

Special attention was paid to the ‘Our People’ page to make it quick and easy for users to identify and contact staff, and learn more about the great people interacting with and developing the boys at College.

And as ‘Upcoming Events’ received a lot of traffic on the old site, the functionality was improved upon to allow users to register their interest for an event with a simple click of a button.

Services Used

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