One company, three different stories.

The power of three

​Undergoing a considerable brand redevelopment, Citycare needed a website that matches the direction of the business shift into a group format, with three distinct sectors of business represented. The website project commenced with a strategic exploration of the businesses new direction and a phased plan of attack was produced that allowed rapid development of phase 1 of the website with a plan for continuous improvement​ based on visitor trends and insights.

Clear navigation for a complex site

From a business standpoint, the website needed to cater for both corporate/group level information, and a strong presence for each sector that could easily stand alone as a first point of contact for a visitor. We built the website to utilise clear paths of navigation between each sector, with each sector's landing 'homepage' providing a strong summary and pathways through to deeper content about that sector. Visually we made use of distinct colour palettes to ensure website visitors know where in the website they are on any given page.

A content shift

The shift from old website to new meant there was an opportunity to rethink the content featured on the website. To align with the position of Citycare within their industries, we made strong usage of case study content to showcase a proven track record across a variety of public and private sector projects. To supplement these case studies, we also shifted the website from a 'services' to 'capabilities' focus which again aligns back to the business’ capability to deliver across a wide range of specialist disciplines. Their online recruitment portal also had a drastic visual overhaul, with stronger connections between the website and external recruitment systems to ensure a smooth candidate online journey as they visit the website.

Building block approach

We built this website to be modular from the start, meaning the foundational idea behind this website was to constantly evolve and grow as the business grows into its new direction. This allows for peace of mind that the website will remain dynamic and stay relevant with the direction of the business. With further development already being planned out, this website has achieved a goal of being highly modular and digital simplifies what could have been a complex navigation structure. We're thrilled and look forward to seeing where the digital road map leads along with Citycare.

Services Used

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