Making it easy.

Bespoke ordering 

Crunchtime knows just how hard doing the kids’ lunches every day can be - having variety and enough food on hand, getting the balance right and giving them something they actually want to eat - it can be tricky. Crunchtime came to us as a start-up initiative and as part of a wider brand development project, we also built their website from scratch.


This included a custom e-commerce system so parents could order and pay for lunches online. The result is a beautifully designed bespoke ordering system that takes away the pain of sorting out school lunches. To help minimise costs for this start-up brand, we investigated the different payment systems available before finding one that fit the bill.

anywhere, anytime 

It was essential we take a mobile first approach to this website as busy parents need to be able to sort out those lunches anytime and anywhere. The Crunchtime website ordering experience is designed with that busy parent in mind; it’s so simple and intuitive to use that placing an order can easily be done one-handed!

Doing the 'time diet'

With a short delivery time frame for this project, we set about investigating solutions that would get Crunchtime to market as quickly as possible. The Crunchtime challenge was so unique that it meant building a custom e-commerce platform that was all about efficiency and ease of use for both the customer and the team at Crunchtime. We took the MVP approach (minimum viable product) delivering the essentials so we could get the website into the hands of the customers as quickly as possible.

Services Used

  • Websites