Connecting with Mid-Canterbury.

EA Networks

When consumers aren’t your customers

EA Networks owns a fibre network in the Mid-Canterbury region and were looking to stimulate awareness about it and encourage new sign-ups.

As the network provider, not a direct to consumer ISP, a big challenge was communicating who EA Fibre is and what they provide.

Another challenge was that not everyone within the Mid-Canterbury region is in a location where they can connect to the network, so we had to be mindful of this in the approach.

Our creative solution has provided the EA Fibre brand with a refreshed look and feel, using illustration to full effect. For the campaign itself, as there is a strong local connection to the community, the campaign call to action was to "Call Hailey", which gave it a human, relatable dimension. This incentivised call to action to connect to the network was delivered through a series of direct mailers and follow up email marketing.

Services Used

  • Campaigns
  • Digital marketing
  • Illustration