Building a brand around one person.


In a world where there’s not enough time in one day, Eva’s Wellbeing Supplements are made for people who value their health and want the best while they’re on-the-go. And to help bring her range of freeze-dried smoothie powders to market, we worked with her to build a brand that would later inform the packaging that helps them stand out in a competitive market. With Eva being the face of her brand, we began by working with her to get a clear picture of her ideal audience, their lifestyle and what they’re looking for from supplements. It became clear that for Eva’s customers, a healthy lifestyle was a passion – not a profession; and it meant we could create a brand identity that reflects her personality and resonates with a much wider group of people.


For the logo, we customised a typeface to suit Eva’s personality; softening the edges while remaining professional and inviting. Paired with fun, upbeat messaging and pastels featuring a bold red to unify the range, we also created a unique typographic pattern that speaks to the way each ingredient makes you feel. On the shelf, it means the range can stand out yet stand together. And with each ingredient right there on the front of the label, customers can see exactly what goodness they’re getting at a glance.

Services Used

  • Brand
  • Packaging