Craft + vision.

Gregg Builders


Gregg Builders are specialists when it comes to high-spec builds. Known for their ability to bring the designs of renowned architects to life while providing clients a level of privacy that others simply don’t, their new website needed to be planned with both audiences in mind.

Using the new brand we’d recently created and the stunning imagery the client had already, it became clear this site would be best treated as a portfolio piece; something that can be used to communicate professionalism and expertise at a glance. And by building the site into Craft CMS, it meant we were able to nail the execution and make it simple for the client to add content in the future.

The result is a website that makes it easy to understand what sets Gregg Builders apart. Using a simple background and subtle animation means the full-size images and smaller galleries can do the majority of the lifting; while the accompanying text blocks can go into detail and set the tone for any future communications.

Services Used

  • Websites