Built to keep sales enquiries hot!

driving sales and awareness

For over 30 years, HPAC have specialised in providing Cantabrians with a wide range of climate control solutions for both residential and commercial markets.

When developing their website we had a few goals that needed ticking off. The primary objectives were to drive sales for home heating solutions in the Canterbury region and to increase awareness of their commercial solutions in order to drive sales enquiries. We also wanted the website to help build awareness of the range of home heating solutions HPAC have available above and beyond just heat pumps.

engaging and encouraging action 

To achieve these, our design showcases the range of solutions available, while driving people to enquire with calls to action and the phone number always visible no matter where the user is on the site. At every step, where we talk about the various solutions HPAC offer, we end with a question to enhance engagement and drive enquiry to discuss it further.

More than just home heat pumps 

Awareness of commercial solutions and capability was addressed by having it in the main navigation from the homepage, and once users are there they can see case studies of other businesses who have had successful dealings with HPAC as well as the services offered.

And careful thought was put into the wording and visuals on the homepage to show that HPAC are more than just heat pumps, they are complete home heating solutions providers.

thinking forward 

The design of the website allows the flexibility for HPAC to showcase seasonal specials and promotions. And because Google searches are an important source of traffic for HPAC, a digital marketing and SEO strategy was put in place to help maintain a strong presence in search engines for relevant topics.

Services Used

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