A story of people and hard work.

Building the foundations of Canterbury

For over 60 years Isaac Construction has been quietly getting on with the business of construction and more importantly re-building Christchurch after the earthquakes. In recent years the company has gone from strength to strength expanding their works and staff, winning more and more contracts and capping off 2017 with an industry award. What better time to look back on the company's heritage as well as celebrate its successful culture?

We took the opportunity to tell this story through the words of their own people. And what a story it is... with a legacy spanning post war to the present day, it's a tale of hard work, dedication, innovation, commitment and good old-fashioned romance.

From the beginning, Isaac Construction, which was formed after Sir Neil and Lady Isaac met, married and returned from Europe post-war, has become a symbol for Canterbury, the arts, and conservation. Isaac Construction's roots spread far into the fabric of our city, from winning its first big contract - the gateway route to the city's 'Memorial Drive' (built and dedicated to those who served in WW2), to the beautification and reclamation of the quarry environment that supplied the raw materials to build the road, the development of a wildlife breeding and conservation programme and its philanthropic support of the Isaac Theatre Royal.

Yes, Isaac Construction is much more than the sum of its parts. Over a series of four days, we shot on location at various project works and their headquarters with a drone and handheld camera, we talked to employees from across the divisions and took a closer look at the Isaac Conservation Trust and its work with native and endangered flora and fauna. Working closely with Belmont Productions we unpicked what lies at the very heart of this story, the people and places that make this company unique.

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