Fresh out of the workshop.

Giving it the right flavour

When redeveloping the Joe’s Garage website one of the things we thought was lacking from the old site was a feel for what a great place Joe’s is. So, along with making sure the website delivered what users were looking for in terms of menus and information, we also wanted it to look great and represent the Joe’s brand too. This saw the inclusion of a great video montage in the main banner area, showcasing the Joe’s experience.

Location specific pages

The key challenge with this project was representing the brand at a group level but also developing a creative functionality that allows for each franchise/individual site to have its own menu and place for promotions and local features, eg. functions, job vacancies, events etc, all while providing as quick and seamless a user experience as possible.

The result is a rather elegant solution with one central site with the ability to have location specific menus and internal “mini-sites” that are easy to find, navigate and switch between.

Now, when a user clicks on a menu (which is the number one thing people look for on cafe websites) they’re prompted to pick a location so the right info is provided.

Mobile friendly

This project is a great example of one with a mobile-first approach. All the menus are really mobile friendly because research and insights told us that people often search and view these kinds of things when they’re out and about, looking for places to dine and get coffee.

Services Used

  • Websites