Branding a true taste of New Zealand.

Kiwi Spirit Distillery

Putting the craft and spirit inside the bottle, on the outside

With a new distillery under construction, the timing was right to work with Kiwi Spirit Distillery on creating a brand that lived up to the quality of their products and told their awesome story. As always, we got the foundations right first by choosing a brand architecture that would set them up for future additions to the range, then flowing through into a visual identity complete with on-point messaging their target audience would find hard to resist.

Kiwi Spirit Distillery are artisan producers of high-quality spirits, liqueurs and whiskeys, handcrafted in small batches. They believe in quality over quantity above all else; a value that touches every part of what they do and who they are - from natural homegrown ingredients to traditional artisan methods and sustainable practices. They had a pure story to tell, with a pure range of products to match. Our challenge lay with bringing these two together using a parent brand at the top to oversee future change while speaking to past foundations.

As the first point of connection for Kiwi Spirit Distillery’s ‘pure of soul’ audience, the motif is a symbol of craft and sophistication in its simplicity and imbued with the pillars of the brand. It’s designed to be able to stand alone and be a memorable beacon of good taste for anyone hunting for a good drop.

The logo speaks more to the process, standard typography distilled down into its purest form becoming something different, something new.

Water is the brand’s key influence; going on a journey for thousands of years before rising as the purest element of our land. It determines the calibre of the products and it is ingrained in the Kiwi Spirit Distillery story. It dictates the design through the use of natural elemental textures from nature and a colour palette that brings strength, mystery and elegance.

Adaptable across a range of products as well as their sub-brands that have their own identities, the Kiwi Spirit Distillery parent brand is quietly bold and timeless, and truly exemplifies the passion, ethics and ambition inside each bottle.

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