Driving effective loyalty.

Bespoke technology and customer insight

The Lone Star Loyal app and programme is designed to increase new customers coming in to dine and encouraging current customers to keep coming back.

We concepted, named and branded the Lone Star Loyal programme and its functionality, incentives and reward levels around these goals. We defined a programme of earning points that convert to Lone Star Dollars that can be spent on any purchases along with climbing status tiers.


In the two weeks following its launch, over 10,000 people downloaded the new Lone Star Loyal app.

It reached #1 in the Food & Drink Free category in the App Store in the first month.

And the averageĀ spendĀ for a Lone Star Loyal guest is now 47% higher than that of a non-Lone Star Loyal guest.

Services Used

  • Brand
  • Campaigns
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media