Sling it Texas style.

Lone Star Sling it


Lone Star is one of New Zealand’s longest standing and most loved restaurant brands with 28 (and counting) locations up and down the country. We worked together with Lone Star to increase sales and traffic at a quiet time of year.

Lone Star are famous for their ribs so we used this as a source of influence and developed a promotion that not only highlighted the dish, but the Lone Star brand overall. The prize was a trip for two to Houston, Texas, undoubtedly a place also famous for their ribs. Part of the promotion also saw a limited-time menu addition of ribs as a side dish, with a view to increasing ribs sales and giving diners more opportunities to enter the prize draw.

With ribs and Texas being the key drivers of this campaign we developed a campaign tagline of ‘Sling it Texas Style’ and gave the creative plenty of texture and energy with a saucy custom typeface.

This campaign also required the building of a code generator. We had to make sure it could generate thousands of unique codes without bringing down the site.

Going beyond a consumer facing promotion, we also worked together with Lone Star to adapt the promotion’s brand to incentivise wait staff to drive sales and encourage guests to Sling it Texas Style.

The outcome

Almost 43,000 ribs were ordered over the 75-day competition period.

All sites experienced an increase in overall sales, with sales of ribs increasing 18%, and up to 32% in some restaurants.

And out of almost 10,000 entries, the lucky winner enjoyed ribs at Lone Star Westgate in Auckland. Plus - get this – it was her first ever time dining at Lone Star! Talk about lucky.

Services Used

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