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Luxury Rail Trail Tours

Luxury Rail Trail Tours celebrates the 152 kilometre Central Otago Rail Trail in the best possible fashion. Since 2004 they’ve provided guests a service that is second to none, offering everything from bikes customised to be as comfortable as possible to unique side trips and the finest accommodation each night.

To set the tone guests expect when they book a tour, we began by refreshing their colour palette and creating a new logo to be used across the business. The result is a brand that captures the essence and enjoyment of the trail and pairs it with the premium touches that set them apart.

Taking those tools, the website that followed brought the entire experience together; providing the main point of contact for both foreign and domestic tourists. Realising from the start that the majority of these people have likely never visited Otago, let alone New Zealand, the site was ordered to make it comfortable for groups from each key audience to navigate it and feel confident enough to book or make contact.


Services Used

  • Brand
  • Signage & outdoor
  • Websites