Putting the UX in luxe.

The scent of luxury

Lyttelton Lights is an artisan producer of luxury, scented soy candles, handcrafted with care from all natural ingredients offering a timeless aesthetic to New Zealand homes.

Lyttelton Lights want New Zealand homes to be full of luxurious scents that take you to another time and place. Their web experience is no different, it's important to them to provide a unique e-commerce experience where a user can relax and browse their range of scented candles without being disturbed. From the imagery at Annandale to the blog posts that provide tips for all things lifestyle and home related, you'll feel the Lyttelton Lights experience on every page.

Lyttelton Lights has a strong brand presence in stores, however, didn't have the right brand experience online for users to browse their stunning range of scented candles and accessories. Wanting to improve on that brand experience and presence to grow their online sales we needed to build a website that embodied everything Lyttelton Lights wants a consumer to feel when lighting their candles, while also leading them to a sale.

The website also needed to be a place where you can find stockists, sign up to be a stockist and generally have room for growth to add new products and features in the future.

insight to light the flame

Before we began the design we did our homework, the candle industry generates more than $2billion in sales every year so it was clear there were a few players in the market. We mapped out all functionality and business opportunities for the future and created a user funnel that still provided the brand experience Lyttelton Lights hold close to their hearts.

Content is king for Lyttelton Lights, being an ambitious company they want to add value to home stylers and peoples lives in general. Creating an area to house candle care tips and advice and guides on how a Lyttelton Lights candle can add to a space was crucial for the user experience, and to aid in the organic growth of their website.

Our team collaborated in all aspects of planning, design to the success of the website following the launch. With such a unique product and a luxurious brand, it was a great opportunity to add a strong player to the market in the huge expanse that is the candle industry.

the glow of success

Since launch we've partnered with Lyttelton Lights to drive their business forward, the website plays an important role as a central hub for consumers, wholesalers, and corporate gifting. We've aligned the website experience with the brand and consumers are reacting to it.
From various campaigns and social media marketing, we've helped Lyttelton Lights double their previous year's sales figures online in just 6 months.

Services Used

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