The road to brand revolution.


A household name across the country, almost everybody knows of Mike Pero. With catchy jingles and heavy rotation TV ads, Mike's face and name were synonymous with firstly, mortgages (until he sold the business), and for the last 7 years, real estate.

Mike Pero Real Estate is now one of the fastest growing real estate firms in NZ with branches across the country and research shows that in a relatively unloved category, the brand is highly trusted.


‘Mike’s People’. Mike wanted to refresh the brand by focusing more on his people and showcasing the national scale of the business. He came to us for some inspiration. 

Our digging revealed that Mike was six times New Zealand Motorcycle Road Racing Champion and we thought an epic road trip on a classic Triumph Tiger bike might provide some of the inspiration he was looking for.

We created a mysterious biker riding from one end of the country to the other. Who is he, what happened on his trip, and why was he doing it?


What followed was a 5-day shoot across the country using a drone, camera vehicle rigs, and a small agile crew. We worked with Resonate to produce and direct a 60” TVC and a 30” cut down. With an original music track, the result is fresh and modern, uniquely Kiwi and refreshes the Mike Pero Real Estate brand.

Footnote: There was no stunt double. Mike expertly rode the bike in all conditions (just don't mention the saddle sores from 5 days riding and shooting).

Services Used

  • TVC & video